Frequently asked questions

What is a fat quarter?

This is a term that sewers and definitely quilters will know but those new to sewing might find confusing. A fat quarter is basically 1 metre of fabric divided into 4 pieces. Normally a fat quarter measures approximately 50cm x 55cm although this can vary depending on the width of the actual fabric. This is not to be confused with a long quarter. A long quarter is cut a different way and will measure 25cm x 110cm so as it’s name suggests a long strip of fabric rather than the squarer format of a fat quarter.  

Do you post to Europe?

We do but only via our Etsy shop - here is the link:

Etsy has linked with the Royal Mail to provide an IOSS (Import One-Stop Shop).  Etsy will collect the VAT due at the point of you ordering and remit to the various authorities.  You should not, therefore, incur VAT, customs/handling charges at your end.

Do you post to North America and Canada?

Yes we do. From April 2024 we can offer shipping to North America and Canada. Orders will be shipped using Royal Mail International Tracked. For large orders over 2kg in weight please contact us as we may need to switch couriers to get a better shipping cost for you. Just email us on with your order amount.

Please note any customs duties, import taxes and/or other fees that may be charged on receipt in the destination country are the responsibility of you the customer.

Pattern repeats

If you wish to know how big the pattern is please contact us and we will send you a picture of the fabric with a ruler beside it.

For those quilting in inches here is a reminder of cm : inches ratio.

2.5 cm = 1 inch

5 cm = 2 inches

Should I wash my fabric before use?

Pre washing fabric is up to you. Some sewers do and some don’t.  But it is important to note that cottons will shrink up to 5% when washed and they will fray terribly. 

It is not advisable to wash pre-cuts such as charm squares, layer cakes, jelly rolls etc as this will not only remove the finishing on them that initially helps keep them nice while you are piecing, they will shrink as all cottons do and will not end up the same sizes.  Fraying will also be a problem.  Most quilters using pre-cuts will quilt first and wash when completely finished. Colour catchers from your local hardware/supermarket can be put in with the quilt when washing just in case there are any colour runs. But do wash in cold water, remove immediately and dry.

There are many quilting forums that can give you advice if you are unsure. Or you can email us for advice.