About Us

Well hello and thank you for visiting my website.

This bit is all about me and how the Little Patchwork Cottage has come into being.

Little Patchwork Cottage is an online shop based down on the coast of England. However, if you are ever in Christchurch, Dorset I have a stall with pre-cuts in a shop called Fantastic Things Emporium. Not all our fabrics are there but I try to put as much as possible in it!

I love sewing and especially quilting. I am self-taught and initially practised making quilts for the charity Project Linus over 10 years ago, and I am still learning new skills every time I sew. Obviously being a quilter I’m quite happy being surrounded by beautiful fabrics, but as my ‘stash’ grew and overtook one of the rooms in our house my husband suggested I could open a shop with it all.  The idea grew but rather than sell my ‘stash’ I opted to bring you new fabrics.  And so the Little Patchwork Cottage came into being.

My aim is to bring you a great choice of fabrics. I am regularly adding new items to the shop and if you are into social media you can follow the shop on Instagram to see the new fabrics as they arrive.  If you aren’t into the social media scene don’t worry.  Our home page always shows the latest fabrics in the New Arrivals section.

Happy Sewing!